We create custom-made, high-quality, and visually stunning sleeves for your devices to protect them while making them look awesome.

Sleeve design is a process that involves creating visually appealing coverings for various products. It could be for cans, bottles, or even electronic devices. Not only does it provide an eye-catching display for the product, but it also offers practical benefits such as increased durability and protection. Using sleeves provides peace of mind that your valuable products are protected from damage and scratches. Sleeve designs can be customized to include information about the product, such as its ingredients, nutritional value, or manufacturing details. This makes it easier for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, leading to increased sales for businesses. Furthermore, sleeves are eco-friendly and sustainable as they can be recycled, reducing waste and improving the brand’s image.

Areas of expertise in sleeving for our clients:

– Sewing
– Pattern-making
– Fabric cutting
– Garment construction
– Tailoring
– Embroidery

  • Content Development
  • Visual Communication
  • Market Research and Insights

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Why Choose Our Branding Services


We look at your brand wholly to create thoughtful, cohesive, and well-put-together brand strategy, logo, brand voice, fonts, colors, and messaging that leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Throughout the branding process, we promote collaboration between our branding team and our clients in developing the brand solutions. With our expertise and your intimate knowledge of your company, we craft a brand that is truly you.


With our help, you can see your branding better. With clarified goals and established brand vision and guidelines, your company, employees, stakeholders, and clients can easily identify and relate to your branding.


Cookie-cutter designs don’t cut it when establishing and maintaining a brand. We create distinct brands that reflect your true identity and leave a mark on your customers in our collaborative process.


Our strategic, creative, and well-rounded branding services offer immense value to our clients who want a holistic, thoughtful, unified, and strong identity. Clients can proudly show off who they are with an engaging and attractive brand.


As we breathe life into your brand, we ensure that your brand can grow and stay fresh like a real living thing. We design dynamic and scalable brands that easily adjust based on how your business and the world changes.


Capture your potential customers with eye-catching branding that raise you high above the competition and gain customer trust and loyalty. Your company will be more marketable and memorable so you can earn and keep your customers.


Relatable and distinct branding lets you strongly connect to your customers. With a wider customer reach, you can build your business more and increase your profits as your audience interacts with your business more.


You don’t sit around and waste time waiting for the branding to all come together. We start working right away so your branding project is completed in no time. Your vision will become a reality before you know it.


Our nimble and practical team works without the unnecessary bureaucracy seen in big agencies. We can take on large and small clients and scale them with our hand-picked and resourceful team of brand designers.


We love what we do and you can see it in the work we do. Valuing creativity, humility, and passion for our craft, we create unique, engaging, and beautiful branding that reflect your real identity and attract your audience.


Our branding not only looks good, but they’re also been proven and tested in the real world. Through targeted screening, we ensure that your brand designs and solutions are truly remarkable when it is released to the world.


Also known as the project discovery and inquisition process, this is where we learn the needs of your project before we take on the branding project. We will send you a form to learn a bit more about your company. Afterwards, we’ll book a meeting and consultation to intimately learn about your needs, company, and field as well as answer questions you may have.

We’ll then draft and submit a proposal on the project requirements and its cost. When you sign the contract and settle the payment, we can then talk more about the project specifics and start working on the project.


The more we learn about your company and needs, the more we can devise unique and compelling brand strategies and architectures that help you. We conduct market and industry research as well as competitor and industry analysis to guide us in creating a convincing and data-driven brand strategy. 

Backed by reliable information, this helps us create the foundation of your brand, from the architecture to the visual direction, voice and tone, and ideal client persona. These, in turn, ensure that your brand is consistent, engaging, and well-structured to capture your desired audience.

Strategy Creation

Creating your brand identity takes more than just a new logo, visuals, or text. We do this step to create a strategy that shows your truest self and sets the stage for your story, setting up the emotional standards to ensure your brand is successful.

We determine the color palette, font, custom illustrations, brand assets, and voice to form a solid verbal and visual identity that radiates your true personality. We work hard on this to give companies a better chance of capturing people’s attention and being memorable.

Messaging and Positioning

The message is just as important as the medium of the message. Genuine and engaging messaging and positioning connects you to your audience. We help come up with the brand voice from naming and taglines to the tone and voice, key messages, audience messaging, and positioning statement.

Each message has a definite purpose and structure in both what is said and how it is said. As these essential messaging elements set the brand messaging strategy, the right voice and tone and structure opens the door for better and more communication at all levels.


With the stage set, our brand designers then work their magic into the assets that display the essence of your brand from the brand materials to the messaging. With the brand strategy, we offer designs with authentic and engaging messages for your field.

Our graphic designers generate designs that are consistent and pleasing while aptly fitting your brand personality and tone. Considering the color palette, typography, imagery, and other design elements, we create a cohesive and appealing design that speaks to your audience.

Brand Guidelines

At the core of any successful branding effort is a set of brand guidelines that serve as a compass for consistency and coherence. We coordinate with your team in establishing and teaching these guidelines, ensuring that every aspect of your branding effort aligns with your vision and message.

With our help, your brand remains attractive and versatile for use in future projects and all marketing channels. By maintaining consistency and cohesiveness, you establish a strong foundation for your brand that builds trust, loyalty, and recognition with your target audience.

Brand Launch

After countless hours of strategizing, designing, and refining, we can now bring your brand to life. This is the culmination of everything we’ve worked towards together, so we ensure that your brand is introduced to the world with a bang.

We help plan and execute a launch that captures the essence of your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. From press releases to launch events, we’ll guide you every step of the way as you take your business to new heights.